General Sales Condition

All the compressors are manufactured with tanks in accordance to" CE " regulations.
All wheeled compressors are equipped with a pressure reducer.
Compressors on 4-fixed feet are not equipped with the pressure reducer.
Packaging fees for compressors up to 100 lt . are included in the selling prices.
Fees for cardboard boxes from 150 lt to 270lt .and wooden crates for 500lt. will be debited at cost.
The goods, even if sold on CPT destination always travel at risk and peril of the buyer.
The recipient is obliged to check the goods upon the reception and notify any damage or fault found directly to the carrier.
The prices indicated in this price list are valid until the entry into force of a new price list , and and they are meant ex-works our factory.
Confirmed orders from customers are binding and cannot be cancelled.
Payments of invoice that are overdue, generate interest expenses to the degree of the current rate of the bank account.
Photographs, technical data and technical features of the products here described are not binding and are subject to change without notice.
All orders with a value less than € 250.00 will be processed exclusively with cash payment.

Warranty Terms

All compressors are regularly tested and guaranteed for 12 months starting from the delivery date, as indicated on the shipping documents.
The guarantee applies only to customers with no overdue payments.
The payments must be settled and must comply to the terms agreed even in case of products found defective.
The compressors are guaranteed to work eight-hours a day in a suitable well-ventilated environments and sheltered from frost and rain.
The warranty does not apply to all electrical parts and all other parts that for their specific use are subject to fast wearing.
The warranty will no longer be valid for uses and incorrect installation which do not comply with the instructions provided in the service handbook.
The transport and labor costs for warranty repair of the compressor will be charged to the customer.
The guarantee consists of our obligation to replace the parts regarded defective or for faulty construction.
For any dispute the competent court is Chieti .

Technical Informations

The air compressors belonging to the hermetic series are manufactured with refrigerating pump and equipped with pressure switch, safety valve, drain cock, pressure gauge and F.R.L.
The models GG40 and GG50 are equipped with two pumps, the GG60 with three pumps.
Portable and wheeled air compressors, coaxial and belt driven, single and double cylinders, single phase electric motors with manual overload cut off reset switch for belt driven compressors and automatic overload cut off for coaxial ones. Equipped with pressure switch, pressure gauge, pressure reducer, safety valve and drain cock.
The model GG 80 is manufactured without tank and with a valve for pressure setting located on the pump. The model GG360/O is equipped with oil-less pump. The model GG110 and GG340/A are manufactured with a carrying handle.
Coaxial and belt driven air compressors, wheeled, equipped with pressure switch, safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure reducer , drain cock and main tap.
The model GG390 is manufactured with two castor wheels. On request can be manufactured with four fixed feet and this case without pressure reducer.
Fixed air compressors, belt driven with single and double-stage pumps, equipped with telepressure switch for three phase compressors, pressure gauge, safety valve, drain cock, main tap and without pressure reducer.
Tandem compressors are equipped with electric control unit for delayed starting of the electric motor.
The vertical belt driven air compressors have the same technical features of wheeled compressors but without pressure reducer.
Wheeled air compressors with pneumatic wheels and carrying handles, with F.R.L., telepressure switch, pressure gauge, safety valve and main tap.
Air compressors with manual petrol engine equipped with valves allowing idling start. The models GG4100 and GG4160 are equipped with two pneumatic wheels and carrying handles. The models from GG4170 to GG4240 have two pneumatic wheels and two castor wheels. On request it is possible to have then manufactured on tanks lt. 150 and lt. 270.
Belt driven silent air compressors with piston pump, installed in a sound-proof cabin lined with sound-absorbing material, equipped with pressure switch and overload cut off, safety valve, pressure gauge, hour meter and solenoid valve for idling start.
It is recommended to follow the combination for dryer and tanks as indicated in the page.


All G.G.A. compressors are equipped with a tank complying with regulations 2009/105 / EEC (former EEC 87/404)

The G.G.A. compressors can also be supplied in versions corresponding to the following certifications: